A chicken update and hatching day!

Tomorrow is ‘H’ day in our house (hatching day)! Eight butler white and bob white quails are due to hatch – and fingers crossed some of them might be Frizzle.

I thought this would be a good chance to update you on our current resident chicken family…


I have a pair of breeding snowflake quails, and I also have eight Chinese (button) quails, and four Harlequin quails. Can you tell they’re my favorite?…

The little Snowflake quails I hatched three weeks ago are doing well too. We’ve put them in a brooder in the spare room at the moment, but next week, they’ll be moving into the shed with the other quails.

In the second incubator, I have some tiny Chinese quail eggs due to hatch in a few weeks, and also some Lavender Pekin eggs – some of those may be Frizzle too!

I will be selling hatching eggs on eBay soon, and young foul on Preloved.co.uk.

Brown Hens

Last year, we had 10 high-line hens, but 9 were sadly attacked by a fox in December. Since then, we’ve bought 6 sweet meadow rangers.

The last standing high-line hen (called Polly) was picked on by the new sweet meadows Рbut has now worked her way up the pecking order (!) to become queen of the coop.

All the ladies are now laying – except for Polly. We think her new found status has gone to her head!

The hens will soon be moving to their new hen-house which is due for delivery next week. Photos to follow soon!

Silkies (Bantams)

We have two silkies- one who likes to dip her head in the water bowl!

Lavender Pekins (Bantams)

We have two ladies and a cockerel (Frank). Frank is our only frizzle at the moment – and loves to rule the roost. He’s even taken to pecking my feet…

Blue Pekins (Bantams)

Finally, we have a pair of blue Pekins, who now have a whole pen to themselves.


Another rainy day

Sitting here looking out of the window at the rain, when there’s so much to do in the garden (tidying and planting ready for Spring) – it gives me a little time to update you on how the garden has progressed from being quite frankly a mud bath / junk yard to a garden I’m really proud of.

Below are a few photos showing the progress including landscaping the whole garden, installing oak railway sleepers, building a log store and installing artificial grass.

We’ve also added a raised vegetable / herb planter onto the patio which sits next to the pagoda we built in the Summer last year. I’ll be popping a few vegetables in there soon, along with some herbs and strawberries.

We left some existing trees and incorporated them into the landscaping, but mostly there’s new plants going in. We’re also hoping to add nature pond soon too!